• Cuba and terrorism

    The inclusion of Cuba in the list of countries that «sponsor terrorism», drawn up by the United States government is an infamy that crumbles with the facts.

  • Cuba y el terrorismo

    La inclusión de Cuba en la lista de países «patrocinadores del terrorismo» es ridícula.

  • One Year After the Riots in Cuba: Yes, Washington’s Hands are Behind

    Several journalistic investigations inside and outside the United States have shed light on the background of the disturbances, revealing that institutions linked to the White House have financed groups opposed to the government of Miguel Diaz-Canel.

  • A un año de los disturbios en Cuba: Sí, todo fue pagado por Washington

    Decenas de personas, alentadas por un programa de subversión estadounidense, destrozaron propiedad popular en los disturbios de La Habana de 2021.

  • The Summit of the Americas: also in Ukraine?

    But there is one issue that has escaped the attention of those who have analyzed the matter, and that is that the Summit will not only take place in Los Angeles, but also more than five thousand six hundred kilometers away from there, that is, in Kiev, Ukraine.

  • Los Angeles Summit of the Americas is already a failure

    Los Angeles Summit of the Americas is already a failure

    The sectarianism with which Joe Biden and his entourage intend to act breaks the purpose of the meeting: «rebuilding a better world», according to the Summit’s motto.